13131000_10153401779920793_8593605399364769152_o   This is my first harvest with Ed Kurtzman of August West Wines and Sandler Wine Co. I also manage an urban wine tasting room on weekends called VIE Winery and I have my own wine experiences business called Vine Graft. I prefer to learn hands-on in the industry but have taken a number of courses/programs to gain certification that fit my needs and interests. These include certification through the International Sommelier Guild for Levels I & II, Court of Masters for Level I and the North American Sommelier Association for my Italian Wine Specialist certification.

This blog is more of a how-I-did-it one, with so many of my posts being in the moment points of learning that are then revised later after I learn even more! I like humbleness because it’s met with humor, kindness and naivety. I think that when you’re truly open to learning something new, you have to let all these things in. And who knew that learning about making wine could be so humanizing? Ha.